Light Notes

Give blood, get ink via Red Cross drive

RICHLAND — Nothing makes my blood boil like missing out on a good deal.

Expired coupons, sales that end just as I slide my Visa or freebies that vanish when it’s my turn in line — all make me see red.

It was along this same vein that I found myself once again distressed.

"Don’t you have an appointment to donate blood?” my husband asked as he read the morning newspaper the other day. “Looks like you can get something free!”

I stopped stirring the oatmeal. He’d caught this deal-seeker’s attention.

The article told how The American Red Cross is giving out rewards during their “12 Days of Giving” Holiday Blood Drive. There’ll be a special thank you for each donor who comes in between Dec. 8-22.

Sigh. Once again I’d miss out on a deal. My commitment was a few days too early.

Bill continued reading, “It says you can either receive an item such as a grocery store gift card or ..." his voice pausing mid-sentence.

“Or what?” I prompted, thinking maybe I still had time to change the time of my donation.

Bill chuckled, “Or you can receive a gift card for a free tattoo or body piercing,” his face twisting in amusement. “Sounds like you might want to reschedule.”

I gave him “The Look.”

Me? Get a tattoo for donating a pint of blood?

No thanks, I’d rather have a V8.