Light Notes

Give a pint, get a pint from Ben & Jerry's

With the stock market driving many Baby Boomers into a state of despondency—myself included—we’re trying to find ways to cut corners and curb our spending.

Some are even willing to throw caution to the wind and admit their age for a restaurant’s senior discount.

When it comes to food I can be swayed to see a good deal.

“Look at this!” I said to my husband as we read the morning newspaper. “There’s a way to get a FREE pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!!

From my perspective there’s hardly anything that makes life seem brighter than dipping into their ice cream, especially if it’s Creme Brulee or Chocolate Fudge Brownie. And right now there’s an opportunity to lick the blues and be “double” happy.

Here’s the scoop: Anyone who makes an appointment with the American Red Cross between now and Wednesday to donate a pint of blood or platelets will receive a coupon for Ben & Jerry’s when they check-in.

And here’s the topping that makes it even better. It’s part of a campaign to encourage donations in the wake of Hurricane Irene. All it takes is a call to 1-800-RED CROSS or a visit to the American Red Cross website to schedule.

Here is the link on the Tri-City Herald's blood drive page for this week's schedule.

It’s a good deed that may travel across the country to help someone in need. At the same time we get to savor a new flavor, while keeping a few coins in our pocket.

So don’t waffle, “Fair Goodness Cake!” Let’s sign up!

It’s an investment — unlike what we’ve put in the stock market — that won’t melt away.