Light Notes

A clandestine getaway

It's not easy to sneak out of town. Then again, it's not easy to sneak into town either.

We realized the first scenario on Saturday when we saw red flashing lights approaching in the rearview mirror. We'd barely begun our wedding anniversary getaway.

"Sir," the patrolman said politely as he approached the car, "your license tabs are expired."

Bill gasped in disbelief as he explained he'd paid for them, but he'd probably put them on the wrong vehicle. However, we were assured that this car's license renewal hadn't been purchased. The officer had already checked.

Awed by our senility, he waved us on realizing that aging boomers were little threat on the highway.

"Well, even if we can't sneak out of town," I teased Bill, "at least we can sneak into Spokane."

We were celebrating our 46th at the historic Davenport hotel in the same city where our family lives. We planned to let them know our whereabouts after we checked out-not before.

Then my cell phone rang.

"So where did you decide to celebrate your anniversary?" daughter Tiffany asked. "It sounds like you're on the road."

I hesitated, and then confessed our secret plan. In the background, I could hear the grandkids cheering because we were on our way.

"Luke and Joshua are really excited," Tiffany said with a chuckle. "They think it'd be great to come spend the night with you."

I held my breath.

"Don't worry, Mom," she assured me. "We'll stay away from The Davenport until Sunday after lunch."

But when we arrived in our room there were chocolate truffles and wine, a heart predominately on the label-an anniversary gift from Tiffany and her family.

We shouldn't have been surprised.

It seems our kids can be sneaky, too-and they had made a clean getaway.