Light Notes

Life is good, even when it's bad

KENNEWICK — Life is good. I even have a pink baseball cap and a couple of tees that shout this sentiment.

But at times, life can seem bad.

Certainly my latest awful day — or moment — wasn’t the worst life can hand out. Still, it felt wretched to me.

The situation began innocently enough. I was finally going to treat myself to a shopping experience after no major clothing purchases this winter or spring. We’d been investing money in our gas tank instead.

So you can imagine my delight when an outfit I’d spied on display in a Christopher & Banks window was a perfect fit.

“You’ll want jewelry to go with it,” the soft-spoken sales assistant offered as she showed me matching metallic earrings and a necklace. “And here’s a chunky bracelet, too. It’s all 40-percent off!”

Well, who could resist a sale, plus she’d added a 15-percent coupon!

Life was good.

With a smile on my face and a shopping bag filled to the brim with brown capris, a trendy printed tee, and a hooded sage-green vest — the last of these items in my size — I headed out the door.

Nearby, a bench beckoned where I could recheck my errand list.

With my task completed, hunger grabbed my attention. It’d been hours since breakfast and I could feel the effect. So I walked the short distance to the food court — 25 yards, at most — where my slip-up dawned on me. Back I raced to the bench. Empty.

In less than a minute, someone had seized an opportunity — and my shopping bag. No amount of searching or regret could bring it back. Even a gloomy cell call to my Spokane daughter, where I ranted about my stupidity, failed to cheer me.

Life was suddenly bad.

But God has a way of blessing us when we least expect it. By evening a black van slid into my driveway. It held grandkids and another surprise — an identical Christopher & Banks shopping bag!

“I used to produce movies, Mom,” Tiffany reminded me as I wiped stunned tears from my eyes, marveling at how she’d known what to buy. “I know how to get things done.”

And she also knew how to turn an ostensibly bad day into a good one. It seemed only appropriate for me to model my new outfit — with my “Life is Good” hat, of course.