Light Notes

If my hubby is not in the doghouse...

I hate to admit it. This relationship is going nowhere.

It’s a communication problem — more specifically, failure to listen.

The minute I start to pour out my problems — after all, a girl needs a sounding board — I see the disinterest, eyes averted, staring into space.

Why, there are even times when I find myself abandoned in mid-sentence!

This lack of commitment and indifference about what’s troubling me really got to me the other day when I picked up the Herald and read a very disturbing headline: “A third of women say pets listen better than hubby.”

Pets actually pay attention to their owners?!! That news has sent me into a tailspin.

My cat, Oreo, could not care less about sitting in my lap and lending her ears. But evidently, some married gals own devoted animals that let them vent — often about their hubby — or just ramble about their day.

For example, one woman likes to talk to her horse when she’s upset. From what she says, it seems to stand by patiently while she goes over ... and over... her troubling situation. To tell you the truth, it’d make me feel better about my feline if I knew the horse was tied to the fencepost.

Dogs are good listeners too, according to the newspaper article.

We have a dog and I’d talk to ours, except that I don’t like sitting in the garage or out on our gravel road. Talking to my cat in the living room is much more comfortable — until she leaves the premises. Like I said, Oreo just doesn’t have much of an attention span when I start to chatter.

So if I have a problem and my cat won’t listen, there’s only one solution.

I’ll talk to my hubby — unless he’s the one in the doghouse.