Light Notes

Warming up, cooling down for Bloomsday

Vegetables are good for you! That’s what magazines and books on health are saying these days.

So, with that wisdom in mind, I’m literally packing myself with green beans, peas, corn and string beans. Oh yes, and cut-up carrots too!

My goal is to be in optimum health by May 2 for the Lilac Bloomsday Race in Spokane. So far, the veggies are helping me reach that goal. My boomeritis even feels better!

“What are you doing with that bag of frozen vegetables?” my husband, Bill, asked incredulously as he entered the living room.

I’d just gotten back from my morning run and had my leg propped up on the couch.

“Well, my knee is killing me,” I whined, “and the Internet recommends icing it for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.”

“With vegetables?!!” he exclaimed while I flipped the frozen bag over.

Well, not exactly. Most people would use ice for a sports injury. But why go to all the bother to fill a Ziploc bag with cubes when you can just grab a bag of veggies from the freezer?

When you’re done, you’ve got dinner halfway on the table.

I learned this trick from an oral surgeon here in town when I had my wisdom teeth removed some years ago. He recommended a bag of frozen peas to ice my aching jaws. If the peas thawed, the doctor joked, I could always eat them.

For my painful knee, frozen mixed vegetables seem to work equally as well as peas. However, I’ve noticed that the string beans get in the way if I’m trying to catch a nap at the same time.

In spite of that, I’ve persevered with the treatment. So far, it’s been three days of icing my knee and I really hope it heals soon. I’m getting a little tired of vegetable soup.