Light Notes

Suffering from boomeritis

Boomeritis: A malady that affects baby boomers who attempt to turn back the clock.

I’m one of those boomers living in fantasyland and seeking the fountain of youth. But instead, I’ve gratefully found Aleve in the medicine cabinet.

If there’s any relief, it’s knowing there are legions of us who think we’re still young, but are now plagued with aches and pains because of strenuous exercise.

According to a McClatchy Newspapers article, I’m not alone. Dr. Nicholas DiNubile — who trademarked the word “boomeritis” — says, “Baby boomers are the first generation in droves trying to stay active in an aging frame.”

Well, I’ve been taking my frame out every morning to run in preparation for the Lilac Bloomsday Run on May 2 in Spokane.

This year — and unlike last year — daughter Tiffany and I plan to arrive at the finish line long before the baby strollers, although it was nice to see the little ones clapping.

“Mom,” Tiffany warned me, “you’ll need to get some new running shoes. You’ll hurt your knees and feet if you don’t.”

She was right. My “tennies” had been around the block more than once. Why, I can almost remember Tiffany turning around in her stroller and smiling as my rubber soles kept rhythm with her baby rattle.

So, I listened to her recent advice and took out a loan to buy a new pair of running shoes.

The pretty gray and pink Asics sported gel in the heel, and the Nordstrom’s sales assistant assured me I’d feel like I was running on air. And he was right.

Last week, I ran every day in my new shoes. Faster and faster I went as my feet hit the asphalt.

“I’ll just jog down this gravel road,” I said to myself as I daydreamed about the frilly prom dress I once wore. “It’ll get me home in record time.”

Suddenly my foot slipped on a tiny stone.


My knee screamed.

And just like that, this “30-something” had boomeritis.