Light Notes

A marriage made for Facebook

The word is out. Bill and I are now officially married.

And someone has some ‘splainin’ to do, as Ricky Ricardo would say.

“I don’t know what I did,” my husband of 45 years said the other day. “I was on Facebook, but I don’t remember changing anything about my marital status.”

I eyed him suspiciously, “Then why did a message come in for me to confirm that we were in a relationship, that we’re married.”

Bill shook his head and then went back to his crossword puzzle. “Maybe Facebook just checks on those things every so often.”

I doubted that, but the array of single women showing up on his friends list could raise an eyebrow. The new post announcing our change in status certainly did!

From daughter Tiffany: “Congratulations! Where are you kids registered?”

From daughter Traci: “It’s about time you made her an honest woman!”

This was awful. I knew it would upset the children!

This whole scenario reminded me of an old I Love Lucy episode when Ricky tried to trick Lucy into thinking she wasn’t married to him, based on a mistake on their license.

No sooner had that thought crossed my mind when Bill piped up, “Well, remember, we never paid for our license,” he said with a grin. “Maybe we’ve never been legal.”

I thought back to the day we’d applied for our marriage license with our $20 in hand. After completing the paperwork, we waited to relinquish the money.

“That’s it,” the clerk said cheerfully. “You’ll just need to have the minister sign it when you two tie the knot.”

“That’s it?” we both chorused as she handed over the license. Weren’t we supposed to pay for this thing to make it legal we wondered?

Yes, most likely.

And even though it’s been years, there’s always been a question in the back of my mind. But now that our status says “married” on Facebook, I can quit worrying.