Light Notes

Magnificent artwork follows us home from Mexico

When we were in Ixtapa, Mexico, there was an exceptional artist who made his appearance each evening.

The talent and outstanding ability was that of a genius. The resort brochures had promised entertainment, but all else paled in the brilliance and mastery of the work we saw just before the sun went down.

As we walked on the beach or stood at our panoramic window, the renowned artist colored the sky with a delicate rose, a touch of gold and the warmth of a glowing ember. It was a feast for the eyes, one we captured occasionally with our cameras.

With regret, we left that beauty behind when we returned to the grayness of the Northwest.

But the other morning while out on my run — and walk — along our country road, I met that same artist again. Oh, he may have been there at other times in the early dawn; however, my eyes were focused elsewhere.

“Just look at the trash that’s here on the roadside!” I complained to myself as I viewed the pop cans, plastic bags and more debris that lay in the watery ditch, some clinging to the sage and grass. “I can’t believe people toss this stuff for someone else to pick up.”

My dreary dialogue continued as I jogged until feeling totally out of breath, I stopped. A good stretch and a moment to rest was what I needed.

And that’s when I saw the masterpiece stretched across the sky. The soft petals of pink pushed through the clouds, bringing shimmering yellow in a pale blue sky. A gift of exquisite beauty was mine to savor.

All I had to do was look up.

This week, if the “garbage” in life gets me — or you — down, I hope we’ll look up. God — the omnipresent artist — has a beautiful world he wants us to see.