Light Notes

Spring cleaning my wardrobe

Dear clutter bugs and hoarders, I’ve made an amazing discovery.

Cleaning out your closets can be akin to a spring makeover.

According to a number of magazines I have stacked on the floor, it’s good to begin with clothes you haven’t worn in ages. These need to be eliminated via the rule, "If you didn’t wear it last season, it’s time to let it go.

I’m embarrassed to tell you — but, of course, I will — that it’s been an extensive period of time since I last opened the doors to the closet that holds my old clothes. Many seasons have passed.

Basically, it’s been fear that has held me back from peering inside the closet that once belonged to my now-adult daughter. I’m sure you can understand my worry of finding a dirty cloth diaper and getting all sentimental about it.

But finally, I gathered the courage and determination to systematically go through each of my outfits, wedged shoulder to shoulder, and ask the question, “Will I ever wear this again?”

The effort to simplify this week went something like this:

Oh my goodness! Look at this darling spring silk sweater embellished with rhinestones at the neckline. Wow! And “bling” is so in style again. Hmm, I wonder if I could pair this with a camisole and jeans? Well, I’ll just set this aside...

Hey! Can you believe it? Wild animal prints are showing up in all the fashion boutiques now. Gosh, it’d be a shame to get rid of this brown safari jacket with the matching leopard print scarf. And I know I still have the chunky wood bracelet that went with it.

Yesterday, I met a friend for coffee, wearing one of my closet discoveries. She raved about the aqua blue quilted jacket that she’d never seen me wear before.

Just then we noticed another woman across the room wearing a gold quilted jacket. I could only wonder if she’d been cleaning her closets, too.