Light Notes

Dear friends, Cabo make for blessed birthday

A very special gift arrived late for my birthday. 

But the fact this present showed up in Mexico during our vacation is an incredible coincidence — or a small miracle.

I could hardly contain my anticipation. And to any casual observer in Cabo San Lucas, I was acting as excited as a young party girl about to take the first swipe at a candy-filled pinata -- one who couldn’t wait to get her hands on the treasure. 

For this gift, I’d been waiting a long time — almost six years — so you can imagine my impatience.

The story about this “special delivery” actually began in early January when my “to-do” list included checking on addresses for a few unsent Christmas cards. I was anxious to put the holiday away and then look forward to February. 

My husband, Bill, and I had booked a trip to — Misiones Del Cabo, a favorite resort — one that would include sunshine, plenty of Mexican food and, thankfully, no black balloons for my birthday. 

I felt my impatience as I eyed the final card. Were our longtime friends, Don and Sharon, still at the same address in Peru where they served as BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) missionaries? 

Impulsively, I reached for the phone to call their daughter on the East Coast. Waiting on an email reply from Lima might take days.

“Hello,” I said cheerily to the male voice that answered, “you may not remember me, but I’m a friend of your in-laws.”

A pregnant pause had me thinking I’d dialed the wrong number, but then a familiar voice came through the line.

“Lucy? This is Don! We’re on furlough and spending time with our grandkids.”

I was shocked, but even more surprised when he explained that their vacation would also include rest and recreation in Mexico, planned by their family.

“It’s somewhere on the tip of the Baja,” Don explained. “Sharon has the details, but I think it’s Cabo San Lucas.”

I gasped in disbelief.

“We’re going to be there, too!” I nearly shouted, my heart racing as I hoped their February dates would be the same.

Miraculously, they were.

And that’s how two couples, who first met as newlyweds 45 years ago in Riverside, Calif., got to see each other once again. Shared memories, new stories and hugs all around made this occasion the best gift ever.

It happened two days after my birthday, but as always, God’s timing was perfect.