Light Notes

Hi-def sometimes reveals too much

The news has me so distracted! If you ask me, it’s too graphic.

I wouldn’t have said this a few months ago, but lately I’m seeing a whole new picture. Because of this, it’s difficult to focus on what’s being reported.It happens every night when we turn on our new high-definition television and tune into Fox News.

There we see various guests in close-up shots while they discuss the daily topic from their remote location.

But what’s hair-raising is an individual or two that appear on camera. No, it’s not Bill O’Reilly, Neil Cavuto or Brett Baier.

The ones that have me turning a deaf ear to their words are the random interviewees over the age of 50 who loom bigger than life — and crystal-clear — on our huge television screen. There, illuminated by the backlight, is an occasional old guy with fur that would make a mink jealous.

I’m talking about wayward EAR HAIRS — those spiky, silver strands that shout at me, making it hard to concentrate.

“Look at that!" I commented to my husband the other night as we watched TV from our couch. "That man needs to shave or hot wax his outer ear.”

Bill peered at me from the corner of one eye, keeping the other glued to the screen, “Have you heard one word they’ve said about the national debt ceiling?”

I thought about it and the answer was no. I’d been preoccupied with earsplitting EAR HAIRS.

His voice broke into my silent contemplation, “Why don’t you worry about something you can do something about?”

I turned to look at him, his head still attuned to the TV. There, I spotted something I could control.

“Honey,” I said quietly as I slipped away. “I’ll be right back.”

As I sprinted to the bathroom cabinet, I couldn’t help but wonder how he’d feel about hot wax.