Light Notes

No makeup zone

The “no makeup zone” is a place many women don’t care to visit — at least not in public.

But last week, two women ventured into this scary territory on national TV.

TODAY show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb decided to bare all — from the neck up — and let the world see who they really are behind the cosmetics.

And we do mean COSMETICS!


eyelid base

multiple eye shadows

gel eyeliner

under eye pencil

top and bottom mascara

eyebrow gel

cream blush


blush, bronzer

lip liner


The shock of seeing these gals “au naturel” was disconcerting enough to issue a warning that scrolled across the bottom of the TV screen: “Do not adjust your television, Kathie Lee and Hoda spend an hour without makeup.”

Since people are drawn to horror, it wouldn’t surprise me if their segment of the program got the highest ratings ever.

Isn’t that just the way it is? The one time you reveal yourself without makeup, everyone shows up. The last time I was at the mall for a cosmetic makeover, people I hadn’t seen in more than a decade strolled by to say hello.

Well, last week I was caught without my makeup again. While I was in California, Granddaughter Hailey arrived with breakfast in bed for my Mother’s Day treat. Evidently, it didn’t ruin her appetite since she joined in to help me clean my plate.

To commemorate the occasion, we snapped a photo on my iPhone and then I sent it to my husband, Bill.

“You may not want to post this online,” he quipped when I talked with him later. “I think you look cute, but.." his voice trailed into the hole he’d just dug.

The truth was in the unspoken message: Don’t leave home without your makeup.

But really, if Kathie Lee and Hoda can exhibit such confidence, maybe I can, too.

Besides, it’d be nice to have a lot more readers show up.