Light Notes

A total surprise, a complete reunion

SPOKANE — Moms are supposed to have eyes in the back of their head.

But this past weekend a surprise sneaked up on me, and I never saw it coming.

“So when are you going to get here?” my youngest daughter, Tiffany, asked as I scurried about while she talked on the speaker phone. “We want to have plenty of time to pick up our Bloomsday Race packets and shop, too.”

I crammed another pair of shoes into my suitcase. Not only was I packing for the Sunday run in Spokane, but I was also flying to California to spend Mother’s Day with my oldest daughter, Traci.

“Well, I’m whitening my teeth,” I slurped, “and I still need to water the plants, feed the cat and send a couple of emails.”

From the looks of things, it would be early afternoon before I could get there.

“Call when you leave,” Tiffany said calmly. “The kids are anxious to see you.”

With my eye on the clock, I hurriedly finished the “to-do” list and then kissed my husband, Bill, good-bye. He had a fishing trip planned, so he’d be staying behind.

“I wish you were coming too,” I said with a catch in my voice, but he assured me that this would be a fun “girls’ weekend” and to just enjoy myself.

Two and a half hours later, I was standing at Tiffany’s front door. The grandkids were peeking out the front window as I read their handwritten sign posted on the front door: “Wee hav a surprise for Mema.”

Then the door flew open. There stood not one daughter, but TWO! I was utterly shocked, speechless — except for the screaming — and overcome with joy.

Traci had flown up from Monterey so the three of us could run Bloomsday together! My happiness knew no bounds — except for a twinge of regret. Poor Bill, he’d missed out on this wonderful surprise.

Well, not exactly.

The front door opened behind me and you can guess who was standing there.

Those “kids” had pulled the wool over my eyes — even the ones in the back of my head.