Light Notes

A roundabout training

When family comes for a visit, we sometimes tend to go round and round.

This past weekend was one of those occasions.

The incident I’m about to tell you went full circle when my daughter, Tiffany, and I made several loops around town.

“Slow down!” I barked as we approached the curve. “And watch out for those drivers. They don’t know what they’re doing.”

“Mommmm!!” Tiffany groaned as we entered the traffic roundabout. “I know how to drive!”

Her black van merged into the three-ring circus, and cars suddenly began bearing down upon us.

“Which lane do I need to ... Eeeeek!! ... that car just cut in front of us!" Tiffany gasped.

“Stay in the outside lane! Stay in the outside lane!” I commandeered from the passenger seat.

I watched as we missed our exit from the gigantic asphalt circle. “Go around again and we’ll find our way out on the second pass.”

Our van careened through the roundabout again, perspiration beading on foreheads. I reached for a tissue and wiped the grandkids’ faces.

“Honestly!” Tiffany announced as we broke free from the circular maze. “You need at least a 1500 on your SAT scores to maneuver these roundabouts!”

I kept my mouth closed. Obviously, she wasn’t about to let me drive.

Tiffany’s nervous chatter continued, “How on Earth does someone who is OLD manage to drive these roundabouts?”

There was silence.

“Mom,” she chuckled. “So how do you drive through those things?”

I laughed, “Actually, they’re all over town. So, to get where I’m going, I usually take a roundabout way.”