Light Notes

Daily doses of prayer and ibuprofen

It was just a small request — nothing of great magnitude in the “big picture.”

I wasn’t asking for world peace or an end to global hunger as I rushed away early from our women’s Bible study table. In light of the suffering in Haiti, I wasn’t sure that I should even bring up my concern.

“I’ve been having terrible wrist and arm pain,” I commented while I pushed in my chair. “It keeps me awake at night, plus I can hardly do any writing.”

The ache started weeks earlier, but it escalated in the preceding days. If it kept up, then there’d be no more blogs or other writing projects. Just a couple of e-mails and Facebook posts caused me to wince.

So the gals promised to pray for me, and I left knowing they’d add me to the list when they closed the session in prayer. What I didn’t expect was an answer — at least not so soon.

Early in the evening, I began to notice the ache was easing. Would it be possible to sit down at the computer and write another “Light Notes” blog, I wondered? Surely, the throbbing would start again as soon as I touched the keys.

But it didn’t! My fingers flew across the keyboard — no twinges or tenderness slowed me down. To me, it was a small miracle.

That was a week ago — and a couple of blogs since then — and I’ve continued to be pain-free. But today, I felt the soreness begin to seep through those all too familiar places.

To be honest, it worries me. Writing is my passion — and I believe my purpose.

So I’m going to again make a small request to God. From past experience, I know He can answer when we tell Him exactly what we need.

So, stick around and we’ll see what God can do — and what ibuprofen can’t.