Light Notes

A dog day afternoon after all

What do country dogs do all day?

City dogs may be whining to know.

Cats don’t care what any dog is doing because it’s all about them. Besides, cats have already been the center of attention with cat cams that show they watch TV, study computers and look out windows.

Most of the cats I surveyed wonder why clawing the furniture wasn’t included in this behavioral study.

City dogs, on the other hand, lead a busy life.

From what I’ve read there are doggie birthday parties where edible greeting cards are a howling success. In addition to this kind of fun, cities have dog parks, dog hotels and dog cafes. These uptown pooches have even unleashed considerable notice with their glam outfits when they’re out and about.

My daughter, Traci, bought her pup a rainy day slicker and then it refused to go on a walk without an umbrella to match. Finally, after much coercion, the dog’s paws met the wet pavement only to find its “alone time” interrupted by an entourage of plastic bags and a pet parent holding her breath.

It’s a ruff life.

Country dogs, such as our Bebe’, lead a different lifestyle. She’s never been faced with a dress she doesn’t like, nor does she have to keep a social calendar.

Her unscheduled appointments are with gophers and the neighbor who stops by to feed her a dog bone. A roll in the dirt and a pat on the head makes her day.

The living is easy.

So the other day, Bebe’ eyed me with some concern when I greeted her with a sponge and doggie shampoo. Suddenly, her morning had gone awry as I brushed, combed, shampooed and towel-dried her coat.

Something was afoot and a gnawing worry kept her lying quietly on her dog bed. A bath could mean only one thing.

As the zero hour approached, I went to the file folder that held her shot records. My intention was to drop in on the Menks Mobile where a traveling veterinarian treats animals at a cost savings. But when my eyes fell on the rabies vaccination expiration date, I yelped in surprise.

It wasn’t due for three more months!

“Well, old girl,” I said to Bebe’ while I fed her a Milk Bone, “we’re not going to the vet today.”

She cocked her head.

“Instead,“ I motioned to the hills beyond the gravel road, “let’s go for a walk.”

On most days, country dogs have a tail-wagging good time. And this was going to be one of them after all.