Light Notes

Hanford High educator faces first cancer climb deadline

Do you ever find yourself humming a line or two from a song?

But then like a broken record — something boomers remember — it sticks in the same spot?

That’s what’s been happening to me the past few days.

“Climb every mountain... la la la ... ‘til you find your dream..." has played in my mind over and over. And I think I know why.

A guest I interviewed on KTNW public television’s In Steppe is preparing to climb a mountain — Mount Kilimanjaro — but unlike the song, he’s already found his dream. Richland's Matt Leggett wants to conquer Africa’s highest peak and conquer breast cancer, too.

Matt’s no stranger to cancer. The Hanford High School instructor watched his mother battle breast cancer many years ago. Thankfully, today she is a survivor.

Not long ago, however, he learned his sister-in-law has serious inflammatory breast cancer and faces a difficult fight.

Adding to his anguish, Matt lost one of his brothers to cancer in November of last year.

It’s not easy to sit on the sidelines and watch while others persevere — to just cheer them on while they climb their mountain. That’s why Matt is stepping up to participate in the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Climb to Fight Breast Cancer. He compares battling the disease to climbing a mountain.

“It’s putting one foot in front of another, setting your eyes on a goal,” he told me during the interview. “And even though it’s painful, you know every step gets you closer to that goal.”

It’s difficult to fight breast cancer, and it’s tough to climb a huge mountain. Raising money for research isn’t easy either. Matt must gather $10,000 for his August expedition. The first half comes due Feb. 4. He’s close to meeting that deadline, but he's not there yet.

With only a few days left there are still more dollars to be raised. We can help by clicking on this link and donating for the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer.

No wonder the lyrics in that song keep coming to mind: “A dream that will need all the love you can give ..."