Light Notes

Innocent wisdom shows on Christmas morn

SPOKANE — I’ve had a wake-up call.

An epiphany, of sorts.

It happened on Christmas morning when not a creature was stirring except me, of course.

The stockings were filled to the top, and the tree glistened with tiny lights and silver ornaments as I tiptoed down the hall past our 5-year-old grandson’s room.

“Who’s out there?” Luke’s voice whispered from the darkness.

“It’s Me-ma,” I said quietly as he bounded from his bed. “But you’re not supposed to get up until your clock turns to the right color.”

Green meant it was OK to start the day. His alarm clock was still on yellow. Yet, if his grandma was up, it must be all right.

Luke’s eyes took in the array of wrapped gifts, the sled with a red bow propped next to the tree. He knew not to touch until his parents arrived on the scene.

So, we sat and talked about Christmas. Only, we didn't talk about what Santa had brought. Luke knew the jolly bearded man wasn’t real. Instead, he spoke softly about what he had handpicked for everyone at the school’s kindergarten store, his voice rising with excitement.

Listening there in the early dawn I knew he was delighted with the very thought of giving.

We snuggled for a while longer and then he ran to his room, emerging with his jeans and favorite sweatshirt in hand.

“Luke, it’s still early,” I told him. “Why don’t you stay in your pajamas? They’re more ‘Christmassy.’ ”

He looked down at the pattern of tiny trees and red packages that dotted his flannels.

“But Me-ma,” Luke responded as he spread the fleece shirt in front of me. “This is ‘Christmassy!’ ”

I looked at the words blazoned across the front: JESUS LOVES ME. My heart warmed at the thought of his innocent wisdom.

Certainly, that was what this special day was all about — the greatest gift ever given. aThe One chosen especially with Love for you and me.