Light Notes

An aging Charlie's angel has hives

I was going in.

Dressed in black like an aging Charlie’s Angel, it was time to face the music.

The sound of buzzing reached my ears.

“You’ll probably want to put on your baseball cap,” commented the beekeeper.

What? And have hat hair? This was way beyond my job assignment.

David White continued, “If the bees get tangled in your hair you might get stung.”


So, wisdom won out over vanity as I donned the cap, tucking all of my hair up inside. The picture was as pretty as a woman in a shower cap.

Nevertheless, I was on a mission.

David, a beekeeper for more than thirty years, was going to be a guest on our KTNW public television show In Steppe. We needed videotape of the honeybees in action.

Jaw clenched, camera and tripod in hand, I marched toward the hives.

“Can you see that ‘little girl’ doing a dance?” he pointed to a tiny honeybee in one glass-walled hive. “She’s letting the rest of the colony know where there’s a food supply.”

I peered closely. Sure enough, she was jiving to her own beat as she moved through the mass of honeybees. Within moments, “the girls” were headed out like there was a half-yearly sale in progress.

While a cloud of bees swirled around me, I remembered my request asking friends to pray for my protection.

Knowing they’d keep their word, I was pretty sure I wasn’t the only “angel” on assignment.