Light Notes

He finally gave me that rock (w/ photos)

There’s certainly a lot of talk about a big rock. But in our neighborhood it’s not the Hope Diamond, which could certainly be a girl’s VERY best friend.

However, the big rock that arrived at our house a couple of weeks ago has me equally as thrilled — at least upon further scrutiny.

“Happy anniversary, Dear!” Bill announced as he came in the door from running errands. “I just spent $1,000 on something you’ve been wanting.”

My smile lit up as visions of tiny diamond earrings danced in my head. Maybe this would be the year.

It wasn’t.

“I’ve just ordered a whole truckload of rock,” he said gleefully. “You’ve been saying that’s what you want along the driveway instead of those old railroad ties.”

It reminded me of the birthday when I got a clothes dryer. Or the Valentine’s Day when he gave me a cordless headset telephone.

At first glance, they were diamonds in the rough. But what I learned from both of those gifts was they were actually what I wanted. It just took me a while to see their beauty.

With two small children at the time, the clothes dryer was a blessing. Likewise, the hands-free headset took the kink out of my neck. I could scrub the kitchen, pick-up household clutter or get family dinner on the table, all without ever breaking from a telephone chat.

Bill was smart to buy those gifts — in more ways than one.

Once again, I’m thrilled. The sharp-edged basalt rock now lines the driveway. There’s even enough to landscape the yard. The next step is pouring the concrete drive.

It’s been a labor of love.

With a dolly — and he’ll tell you it wasn’t me — every single rock has been lifted and put in place by Bill. It’s been back-breaking work that could kill a man half his age, but the price tag for having someone else do the work was motivation enough.

Hmm... maybe there’s enough money saved to still get those brilliant studs that I hoped for earlier.

On the other hand, I already have one. And he’s my VERY best friend.