Light Notes

Book of Isaiah refers to tattoo

In a blink, a little ink has caused a stink.

The reaction to Bill’s “I love Lucy” tattoo has been met with various reactions — some that tend to needle a bit.

Starting with our oldest daughter, Traci. She has three small tattoos carefully hidden from her mother’s prying eyes. She complained that her Dad’s tat wasn’t “hip” enough.

(Between you and me, I think she may have been subconsciously revealing clues to her own tattoo sites.)

“It looks old fashioned,” Traci complained after she got the photo sent from my iPhone. “Why didn’t he get something more up to date?”

I whispered into my cell phone, “Honey, he’s 67 years old, but he doesn’t know it. On the inside he’s 19. Back in the 50’s, this is the style that was fashionable. Besides, he’s not into barbed wire unless our cows damage it.”

Daughter No. 2, Tiffany, who won’t even drive by a tattoo parlor, could only gasp, “What was he thinking?!!!”

Well, maybe that he loves me and I needed a story for my blog.

Bill’s brothers who were visiting from Texas were sure he’d lost his mind. And since they’re related, it makes them nervous. Friends of Bill complained that he’s raised the bar and now wives everywhere will have higher expectations.

A commenter on Light Notes encouraged me to get a tattoo, too.

Me?!! Typically, I color inside the lines. Besides, I already have so many scars on my body that I’ve threatened to rent myself out as scary front porch décor on Halloween.

But one comment from my editor was about how Christianity and tattoos align.

That’s a good question. So I went searching in the Bible.

You can imagine my surprise when I found this verse in Isaiah, " ... I will not forget you. See, I have tattooed your name upon my palm ..." The verses that precede this statement in my Living Bible edition are an assurance to the Israelites: God hasn’t abandoned them and He still loves them very much.

The image I see when I read this verse is God’s outstretched hand with “I love Lucy” engraved there. I guess I can quit asking Him for reassurance, too.