Light Notes

Praying for Cienna certainly no ordeal

GRAND FORKS, British Columbia — It was time to disconnect. Cut the umbilical cord.

I hesitated.

“You’re going to need to turn off your iPhone before we cross the border into Canada,” my husband, Bill, reminded me as we sped toward British Columbia. “The last thing we need is to get extra charges for international service.”

I groaned inwardly.

“Only one more email to send, and then I’ll power it off,” I sighed as I hurriedly tapped the tiny keys.

I knew I would be signing off from the outside world. No emails. No Web surfing. No chatting on the telephone. It would be a long week.

But it was during this period of time that I found a message could still get through.

It happened on the Kettle River as our group paddled downstream. We’d intentionally separated from each other to enjoy the quiet and the sounds of nature.

Birds twittered from the branches while others called from the shoreline, occasionally breaking the silence. Our oars dipped into the water’s calm in a hushed reverence.

The tranquil setting wrapped my soul in peace.

But like an alert from my iPhone, a distinct reminder penetrated my consciousness. I suddenly was aware that I needed to pray for my friend’s young daughter, Cienna.

This isn’t the day she’s scheduled for heart surgery, I thought to myself.

Cienna had been set for her heart valve operation earlier in the month, but an infant with a heart defect bumped her from the schedule.

Cienna and her family had to return home to wait until the next open date — Friday, July 17.

“What day is this? I called over my shoulder to Bill while the canoe edged ahead.

“It’s Thursday the 16th,” he said. “Why?”

“Oh, I can’t quit thinking about Cienna, but she’s not having her surgery until tomorrow,” I reflected.

Even so, I knew that God often nudges our heart to lift a person in prayer. So I did. Mile after mile.

Friday found us packing up our camper and heading for home. Imagine my surprise when my iPhone downloaded a message that had been sent earlier in the week: “Cienna’s surgery has been moved up to Thursday the 16th.”

I should have known.

Even when we feel like we’re out of touch, God is always connected to our heart.