Light Notes

Any transumer willing to rent my denim purse? (w/ photos)

I have “pursitis.”

This is not to be confused with bursitis, an inflammation of the bursa.

My irritation is connected to purses.

It began when a new handbag store moved into our local mall. It sells only one brand of purse, the price tag of which dwarfs our national debt.

I don’t care. I still want one.

There are bright pinks, shiny sleek blacks and fabric purses with the label — THE name brand — written all over it. I slung one over my shoulder the other day as the saleswoman and a loan officer looked on.

At a glance, it was obvious the bag had class — and I don’t mind being called that as long as you don’t add “old.”

But no matter how much I would like to have a designer purse, it pains me to say I can’t afford it. We need a new kitchen sink instead. In 10 years, the sink will still be in style. The purse won’t.

So, I’m not buying a name brand purse, thus “pursitis” has me in its clutches.

But the other day an Associated Press article caught my eye. From the headline, “Transumers’ rent their treasures,” I thought I’d hit on a remedy.

“Transumers” are folks who aren’t buying things as they used to. Instead, they are renting items, such as purses. The renters have been labeled — like a trendy purse — with the glam buzzword “transumer” in place of “consumer.”

According to the newspaper, the idea of borrowing, rather than purchasing, is more about the pleasure of the experience and less about accumulating stuff.

“Look at this!” I said to my husband, Bill, as we read our sections of the morning paper. “Instead of buying a designer purse, I can rent one.”

“Why do you need another purse?” he commented from the depths of the editorial page. “Your closet is full of purses. You should rent out yours.”

Oh yes. I’m sure that will work.

For rent: Stunning handmade denim purse with genuine wood handles. Bobbie pin replaces handle hinge for sophisticated touch.

For rent: One-of-a-kind brown leather handbag with glitzy dog-slobber markings. Slight chews distinguishing.

For rent: Vintage shoulder bag slightly damp from uncapped water bottle; alluring Cliff bar fragrance enchants.

There! If that doesn’t make “transumer” fashionistas run wildly, I don’t know what will. However, the direction in which they’re headed may be a problem.

Ouch! Wouldn’t you know, my “pursitis” is acting up again.