Light Notes

My husband is a real snake in the grass


Sometimes, life is a blur. So, it’s important to take time to create “special moments” — ones we’ll hold onto for a lifetime.

That’s exactly what my husband, Bill, planned to do when our great-nephews came for a visit.

“I’ve got something to show Jeremy and Joshua when they get here,” Bill declared with impish glee.

“And what would that be?” I asked warily. “It’s not that gopher trap you set up, is it?”

By the tone of his voice and the playful look in his eye, I knew he had something up his sleeve, although he’d found a better location for his mischievousness.

“Nah, it’s not that,” he reassured me. “This is even better. This is a REAL gopher trap, and I’ve got it in a gunny sack in the shed.

My suspicions were confirmed. An unforgettable “moment” was about to take place.

“Aunt Lucy! Uncle Bill! We’re finally here!" the boys exclaimed as they raced from their car, parents in tow. “We couldn’t wait to get here.”

Bill could hardly wait either.

“Listen,” he said, slyly. “I’ve got something to show you outdoors.”

Moments later, suitcases flung into their bedroom, the kids raced outside with Bill.

I stayed inside with their parents; safe — insulated from the action — with the smell of chocolate chip cookies filling the air.

And then the front door burst open.

“Aunt Lucy! Look at what we have!!” the boys shouted, as Jeremy reached out to give me a closer look.

In his hands was the biggest bull snake I’d ever seen, wriggling and twisting in an effort to make a quick getaway.

I couldn’t help but shudder.

If this snake escaped, I had a feeling the rest of our day would be a blur. It was one “special moment” we didn’t need in anybody’s memory bank!