Light Notes

Pondering another book club

When a friend asked if I wanted to join a new book group, I said yes.

Wouldn’t you know! They expect you to read the book.

“I need a non-pressure book group,” I told my husband, Bill, as I eyed the assigned book for the next meeting.

“Your problem is that you want a chit-chat, dessert-eating girls’ night out,” he said, “instead of a scholarly discussion.”

Well, I have to admit I do enjoy catching up on all the news. But the plateful of mouthwatering, scrumptious treats has nothing to do with my going to the book group.

I like to read. It relaxes me. And after five or six lines of text, I’m asleep.

The last book we had to read nearly suffocated me. It was the size of an unabridged Webster's dictionary and equally as entertaining.

Let me tell you, finding yourself in bed with something that heavy on your face is enough to make you a paperback fan for life.

The gal who picked this month’s book had downloaded it to her Kindle. She later claimed she had no idea how big this hardback was — or how much it weighed.

One member told the group early on that she planned to listen to the book-on-tape in her car. She’s probably halfway to Alabama now.

I could have finished this gargantuan novel if we’d flown somewhere exotic for a vacation, but the thought of paying extra to bring the book on-board kept us home.

I like being part of this monthly book group, but what is stressing me more than anything is reading on deadline.

Just this past week, they had a meeting. I did what any student would do when they have an assignment due. I stayed home.

At least so far, my reputation as an “F” student hasn’t gotten around.

Now I’ve received an invitation to join a neighborhood Bible study group. I suppose they’ll expect me to read The Book.