Light Notes

A shiny penny leads to guardian angel

Pennies. They’re commonplace, not worth much, outdated to some.

But countless stories, songs and even films have made mention of these copper gems — many with the word “heaven” attached. When they’re called “pennies from heaven,” they take on added significance.

I found a penny the other day. And the discovery was worth its weight in gold.

The incident happened just before Mother’s Day. My heart was dreary. Neither of my daughters could come home for the holiday, and even though I understood, I was a bit blue.

At times like these, I would have called my Mom. She’d have understood how I felt. After all, there was many a Mother’s Day when she’d been alone, adult children scattered in other states.

But Mom is gone. No way to feel that measure of reassurance she so generously gave. If she were still alive, she would have listened, loved and offered motherly wisdom.

I knew her advice would be “get busy.”

So, I headed out on a video project to meet a deadline that was just days away. Getting out of the house for a little while would do me some good.

I just didn’t know how much good.

After the videotaping, the camera and tripod put away, I reached for my notebook sitting on a nearby chair.

There sat a shiny penny next to it.

“Is this your penny?” I asked the homeowners. They assured me it wasn’t theirs. The vacuum cleaner had already made a clean sweep.

That’s when I glanced at a picture on the wall.

I gasped.

It was the identical angel picture I’d given my Mom years ago, one she’d longed for and I’d saved for. I had never seen another one like it until now.

In an instant, we were walking hand-in-hand down memory lane — our visit to a quaint art shop, her poignant reaction to the painting of a guardian angel watching carefully over a little girl, my Mother’s delight when the artwork found its way to her Christmas tree.

I held the penny tightly in my hand. A penny from heaven, I wondered?

The question remains unanswered. But the moment felt like a heavenly kiss.