Light Notes

Red-faced while talking green on TV

RCIHLAND — Sometimes words pop out of my mouth and it smarts — especially when I see my faux pas on television.

My blunder — not the first and not the last — happened on our KTNW public television program In Steppe that I host and produce.

Our theme was “Going Green,” but instead of green I could feel myself “going red.”

The interview started out smoothly with Smart fortwo car owner Marjy Leggett. (I would have interviewed her husband, Bill, as well, but he was smart enough to not join us for the “ride.”)

Marji and I covered a lot of territory in the first few minutes — mileage, maneuverability and miles per gallon. And she laughed when I said it looks like a roller skate, which she readily admits.

However, I hit a bump in the interview when we started talking about all the interior room that this clever little car affords. We even had video of Marjy demonstrating how the whole back of the vehicle opens up for storage.

“I can put four or five grocery sacks in the back,” she said enthusiastically. “The only thing that doesn’t fit is the toilet paper,” she added, referring to the gigantic Costco 30-jumbo roll package.

Marji then went on to say that she can easily put it in the passenger seat.

I should have seen the red light. But no, I sped up with my own comment.

“Your husband can just hold it while you’re driving down the road!” I laughed as my mind shouted, “What are you saying!!”

Somehow, I managed to swerve back to the next question, although it was a bit bumpy.

Later, when the interview was over, Marjy and I regretted that the grocery item hadn’t been a big bag of dog food instead.

Looking at the incident in the rearview mirror, I think the smart-alecky remark may be smaller than it feels to me. Why don’t you take a look at it by clicking right here and let me know.

At the moment, it still smarts.