Light Notes

Does your iPhone provide X-rays?

It’s amazing! My iPhone can do just about anything.

That’s what I learned when our newspaper published an item about all the applications — apps for tech savvy folks — available at the App Store. Believe it or not, there are 25,000 apps — just saying apps makes me feel like a techie — that can make my iPhone even smarter, and hopefully, me too.

I have 19 apps. There’s Calendar, YouTube, Safari, Photos and Maps, to name a few.

I’ve seen the small App Store icon on the face of my iPhone. But since I’m still entering all my contacts into my address book, it seems a bit premature to go shopping, although for a woman it’s a bit tempting.

According to the article, there are applications that can help me cook, find my car, and even keep track of the calories I’m consuming. In view of the fact that I ate Easter dinner at the Krispy Kremes bakery in Spokane, I’m glad I don’t have that app.

But someone who has practically every app available on his iPhone is my son-in-law, Elliott.

Occasionally, he actually talks on this multi-purpose gadget. But the rest of the time he’s intrigued with all the different ways to entertain himself.

He found a new diversion this past weekend.

“Look at this,” Elliott said breathlessly as he approached me with his iPhone. “This is amazing!”

I looked up from my iPhone contact list and watched as he placed the iPhone on his wrist. There, illuminated on the face of his iPhone, was an X-ray of his wrist bones, and then the skeletal image of his hand as the phone slid to his fingertips.

“Wow! That’s incredible!” I exclaimed as he demonstrated once again. “You need to do that on your father-in-law’s hand. He thinks he broke his finger a while back!”

Elliott’s solemn pursed lips exploded into hysterical laughter, while tears escaped from the corner of his eyes. If I could have fled the scene, I would have run, too. He’d managed to play a huge prank on his mother-in-law.

The not so amazing part was it worked.

How could I have not questioned the need for a protective lead apron? Better yet, how about the need for a psychiatrist — for me AND for Elliott who has the guts to tease a mother-in-law?

If I search, I’m sure there’s an app for a shrink on my iPhone. It’s probably right next to the app called Gullible.