Light Notes

See how you can help someone who is struggling

Can one person change the world?

You bet!

In fact, I’ve met four.

They look like ordinary women — someone you’d greet with a smile at the supermarket, or someone you’d sit next to at the local PTA.

But what they’ve done is extraordinary.

I talked with them recently on the KTNW public television program I host and produce. And I’d like you to meet them too. If you’ll click on this link to In Steppe, you’ll hear their stories, and even a few more — stories that will inspire.

You’ll see how Alissa Watkins helped take the bite out of hunger when she saw an abundance of agricultural produce — and what was often left behind. As a result, she founded Fields of Grace to help feed the needy through this gleaning program.

Or listen to Rachael Tengbom tell her story of how Voices of Hope reaches across the globe to young Masaai girls in Kenya, Africa. She founded this organization to rescue young women from a painful and life-changing tribal tradition, and to empower them through education, as well. Stepping up beside Rachael is Theo Dobie who says she’s found her new purpose in life.

And don’t miss Brandy Strait’s spotlight about Locks of Love and how she donated her long hair to help needy children with prolonged hair loss. Because she gave this very personal gift, she also gave a smile to a hurting child.

These stories are only a few examples of what one person can do. And yet, there are still so many more ways that we can make a difference in our world.

I call it the “power of one.” And maybe that one will be you.