Light Notes

God's word can help the 'scaredy cat' in you

It seems there’s a lot to worry about lately.

Even our tuxedo cat, Oreo, is anxious.

We couldn’t help but notice.

“You gave that cat the wrong name,” my husband, Bill, remarked one evening. “Instead of Oreo, you should have called her Scaredy Cat.”

I peered over the top of my book at the black and white body slinking across the bedroom floor.

“She acts that way every night,” I observed. “You’d think Wile E. Coyote was in the clothes closet.”

Actually, the closest she’s been to a pair of incisors is when Bill and I are flossing our teeth.

But beyond that scary sight, what does an indoor cat have to worry about?

That she’ll lose all her fur overnight and have nothing to do the next day? That the can opener will break and she might have to work for a living? Or that a hairball might actually lodge in her throat rather than on the carpet?

Whatever it is, she rarely loses any sleep over it.

Still, at various times, this adult kitty we’ve adopted is a bit skittish — a result of past experiences, we’re sure. And even though she’s surrounded by love, fear creeps in.

When it comes to worry, I’m a little like my cat these days — sort of jumpy at times. Watching a volatile stock market, seeing a wave of unethical behavior and hearing dire predictions for the future is troubling.

Unlike Oreo, I can lose some sleep over it.

That’s when I have to quit worrying; instead remembering the Bible verses that remind us to not be anxious, but rather to reflect on how much God cares for us.

It makes sense. This kind of attitude brings peace.

Even better, I won’t have to worry about anyone calling me a “scaredy cat.”