Light Notes

God shouldn't need Twitter to talk to us

With all the twittering, texting and talking, can God still tweak our ear? Can we feel the tug of His Presence when technology leaves little time or the temperament for tuning in?

In my experience, there have been times He has had to practically shout.

This incident happened when we lived in the Mojave desert. My husband, Bill, got his first teaching job there. We were only going to stay a year and then we'd move to the Northwest - Oregon, in our minds.

Nine years later we still hadn't left, although we'd given it the "old college try," but Californians were pretty much locked out. Still, I had faithfully prayed - and complained - endlessly, to no avail.

But one day when I was taking a hot shower, ranting and raving to God, His voice stopped me cold.

"What if I want you to stay here," the words boomed in my mind, an emphasis on the "I".

In that instant, I heard and recognized the One I'd pleaded to for months on end, but to whom I had never stopped to listen.

From that day forward, I changed my attitude, realizing that this L.A. gal might be in the small, isolated town of Barstow for a lifetime. I also changed the way I prayed - and it wasn't always me talking, but rather quietly spending time with Jesus.

Within a year, circumstances changed - all orchestrated by God - and we were headed north to our new home and a new life in Washington. God now had my will - and my ear.

Since then, at different points in my life, I have taken the time to journal thoughts, concerns and inspiration during my prayer time. But as life - usually in the form of an iPhone and computer - has edged into the morning hours, my journaling has been set aside.

Nevertheless, God has a way of getting our attention in more ways than one.

Recently, the book Jesus Calling found its way into my hands. It has reminded me of the importance of time spent in quiet, alone with God-time that changes how we proceed through our day, and ultimately through life.

The author, Sara Young, is a woman who majored in philosophy at Wellesley College. She was close to completing her master's degree at Tufts University when she experienced God's Presence, an epiphany that changed the course of her life. The daily journal entries in her book are a result of the occasions she sat silently, pen in hand.

Silence. Stillness. Serenity.

These are rare commodities in our 21st century, but the Bible tells us to "Be still and know that I am God."

Really, He shouldn't have to shout.