Light Notes

Finding Hope, but not peace, in Idaho

HOPE, Idaho — We were looking for Hope — Hope, Idaho, that is — as our headlights penetrated the darkness.

It was our week to use our time share we’d bought back in 1996. That was the year we gave the nice salesman a lot of money, and then he gave us a “free” Mexican blanket.

But this time, instead of the sunny shores south of the border, we had traded our vacation spot for the shores of chilly Lake Pend d'Oreille. I was glad we had brought the blanket.

“Isn’t it great we were able to get two bedrooms for the price of one?” I exclaimed the next morning as we walked through the spacious condo. “Now the grandkids can come!”

Bill breathed in the silence as he gazed out the window at the swing set standing empty in the frigid-white play area.

“Those snowdrifts outside look waist-deep,” he remarked. “We’ll have to find something for them to do.”

We needn’t have worried.

Within minutes of their arrival, two year-old Joshua had redecorated the living room, played the “Hallelujah” chorus on the dishwasher buttons and dyed the carpet orange with his leaky “sippy” cup.

“This is a taste of what it’d be like if you moved in with us,” daughter Tiffany reminded me over the din of a battery-powered squeaky rabbit that kept going ... and going ... and ...

Obviously, she was worried about the stock market, too.

Meanwhile, Bill “killed” the Duracell bunny and placed its prone body on the fireplace mantle. Squeaks were replaced by wails.

But leave it to a mom to know just what to do.

From out of Tiffany’s bag of tricks came a favorite Hillsong Kids DVD. Seconds later, little Joshua and older brother Luke were marching and singing with the children on the television screen.

Together they sang, “I’m not afraid, how can I be? My God is here, He’s with me. I shine a light, a light for you... in everything I do. We’re gonna change the world. We’re gonna change the world... ”

I paused to watch the scene, my heart filled with gratefulness for two little boys who would certainly one day change their world.

Yes. We were in Hope, with hope for the future.