Light Notes

The ultimate love note

February is the month of love and love notes.

Love notes that were sent. And some that were not.

A number of love notes went to great lengths to be extra special. More than 2,000 love notes were postmarked “Love” in a small village in England where romantics requested the stamp on their valentine envelopes.

However, that number pales in comparison with the estimated 1 billion love notes sent worldwide on Valentine’s Day, making it the second largest card-sending holiday.

I got my share of love notes.

One even played the whole first stanza of La Bamba with the words “You’re definitely ‘da bomba’!” That’s one I’ll tuck away in a “keeper” file. Someday my kids can wonder why their mom was so doggone sentimental, especially in light of the fact that they’ll have to clean out what I couldn’t part with—until forced to.

But most love notes will find their way to the trash—forgotten—as the card industry moves us toward the next Hallmark day.

Still, with February ending, I couldn’t help but think about the best love note tucked away in my Bible and what it says to me:FOR GOD . . . the three in one who existed before there was anything or anyone . . . SO LOVED . . . absolutely adored and would do anything for . . .THE WORLD . . . that’s you and me and everyone who has come before us and will come after . . . THAT HE GAVE . . . even though He knew what a painful sacrifice it would be . . . HIS ONLY SON . . . the One—His only one—who was the Light in the darkness and totally precious in His sight . . . THAT WHOEVER . . . that’s anyone no matter their status, race or appearance . . . BELIEVES IN HIM . . . just says “I believe! He truly is the Son of God!” . . . SHOULD NOT PERISH . . . at least not spiritually, lost in a tragic separation from His Love . . . BUT HAVE ETERNAL . . . forever and forever as far as time exists . . . LIFE . . . one where I—and you, too—will be living in the glorious brightness of God’s unfathomable love. (John 3:16 NIV)

From what I understand, that’s a love note to last a lifetime—and even more.