Light Notes

Time stands thanks to DOL

Listen to this! I’ve found a way to look forever young.

Please send me your $$$ and I can help you, too.

Just kidding — about the money — but I really have discovered an anti-aging secret.

It happened when the Washington State Department of Licensing informed me that there was more than one way to renew my soon-to-expire driver’s license:

1. Stand in a long line and be met by unsmiling officials.

2. Stay in my cozy home and wait until the last minute to renew on the Internet.

I chose option No. 2 since it was one stroke before midnight on the expiration date.

As I entered cyberspace, printed instructions in hand, I couldn’t help but be concerned about all the questions that would be asked:

1. Are you fatter than the last time we saw you?

2. We know you’re fibbing. Are you fatter than five years ago?

Imagine the ecstasy when I found that these inquiries were nowhere in sight, which was the subject of the next question.

Yes. I answered about no change in vision.

As far as I knew my eyes were still as good as a half decade ago. However, you’d certainly think they could use a bigger font size on this form!

Straining my eyes — it must have been the late hour — I checked off the final boxes with my answers. But where was I supposed to attach a new photo?

I clicked on “Submit.”

Just this week, my new license arrived in the mail. I did a double take. Only the expiration date had changed.

Same weight. Same photo.

There’s a quote that says “time waits for no man.” I think it has stood still for one woman.