Light Notes

Taking a staycation

We’re on a staycation.

What this means is that you stay home and act as if it’s a vacation.

The idea was in Family Fun magazine recently, and brought to my attention by our daughter, Traci.

She’s the one who missed her calling as a retirement community activity planner. Instead, she thinks up ways to keep her aging parents entertained.

“Mom,” she bubbled enthusiastically, “Why not try a staycation! You pretend your home is a hotel and you plan fun things to do. It’s like a mini vacation.”

“Well, I could use a break from my work routine,” I sighed as I warmed to the plan. "Besides, with the stock market down, it does sound like a cheap way to enjoy the 3-day weekend.”

“Great!” Traci exclaimed. "Call it the “Lugi Home-tel” and figure out your menus. Make it fun! I’ll send you an itinerary.”

Here’s what arrived on my computer:

Welcome to the Lugi Home-tel! Please enjoy some freshly baked cookies upon arrival in the Fireside Parlor. Your bags will be taken to your suite by our friendly staff. We’ve attached an itinerary for your stay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the owners, The Luginbills. At bedtime, be sure to hang your breakfast order on your door.

Traci’s long distance phone call interrupted my thoughts.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. We’ll be there around three o’clock on Friday. Can you and Dad babysit after dinner?” she inquired.

My mind reeled.

This staycation wasn’t what it first appeared to be. The “staff” not only needed to clean the home-tel toilets and run the vacuum, but also stock the fridge, too.

Call me apprehensive, but I have a feeling on this pretend vacation I won’t be the one sleeping in.

Still, just in case, I’ll hang my breakfast order on the door.