Light Notes

My pink bling comes out today

It’s a pink letter day!

That’s like a red letter day, but even better.

Today, I am a 6-year breast cancer survivor and you can color me happy.

So on this special occasion, out comes the pink “bling”—beaded bracelets, a rhinestone pin, sparkling earrings and a glitzy Guess watch with breast cancer symbols all around.

Who would have imagined that celebrating could be so much fun!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not looking at life with rose-colored glasses. Until I reach the 10-year mark, there’s a chance one of the scheduled exams by the oncologist could make me blue.

I remember well the multi-shades of emotion that accompanied the “you’ve got cancer” news in 2003. If those feelings were lined up in a box of Crayolas, they would be steel gray, indigo and midnight black.

Six years ago, the picture certainly wasn’t rosy.

There was pre-op on Feb. 5—my birthday—and then next day surgery, reconstruction and a lengthy healing process that followed.

But these days, I’m in such good health and high spirits that it almost makes me blush.

At each six month follow-up appointment, my doctor simply exclaims, “Just look at this report! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!”

I remind him that red, green, and brightly colored fresh vegetables and fruit have become my best friends. (Broccoli, how I love thee!) Add in lots of vitamins, green tea, prayer, sunny—or snowy—walks, and it’s a holistic recipe that seems to be working.

So at this milestone today, it’s time to celebrate!

I’m definitely “in the pink“—with a capital P.