Light Notes

My go-round at the kitty rodeo

May I make a suggestion? It’s time to try something new.

That was the theme for our January KTNW-TV/31 In Steppe show. We featured Zumba dance and fitness classes, a local “nonpolitical political” club to join, and new ways to save money when shopping.

Even people on the street joined in with thoughts about what they plan to do for the first time in 2009.

The show inspired me to sign up for ice skating every Tuesday and Zumba next month. It’s been exhilarating to try something new.

So while I was thinking outside the box, I presented this same “something new” idea to Oreo, our tuxedo cat. But she’s such a party pooper, not to mention a sour puss, that one little change has had her in a fluff ever since.

It began innocently enough with the thought that she has been cooped up in the house way too long.

“Oreo needs to go for a walk with us,” I told Bill one crispy morning this week. “She looks bored.”

“That’s how cats look all the time. And besides, I think she’s actually quite happy now that she’s taken over my chair,” Bill frowned while squeezing onto the loveseat next to me.

Oreo gazed at the fireplace, feigning disinterest, but I knew she was listening.

So I disappeared into the bedroom to retrieve the bag from PetSmart. Inside was a new adventure for Oreo. A device that would give her freedom and a new taste of country living.

I clipped the tags.

According to the so-easy-even-a child-can-do-it instructions, all I had to do was slip the loop of the halter over Oreo’s head and then buckle the remaining piece under her tummy.

I ask you. Have you ever seen a cat fly? Or a kitty rodeo?

Well, I have.

And now I understand why walking a cat isn’t in vogue. But then again, you never know when a person might start something new.