Light Notes

Go on and wear that bikini

I may be skating on thin ice by saying this, but don’t grow up. Please!

This is in response to a recent article I saw in our newspaper. It issued “twenty-something’s” a list of 10 things to quit doing -- including wearing high heels and sun tanning -- with the warning to “grow-up!”

Forget that advice.

Ladies, wear those high heels in your 20’s, 30’s and beyond. And tan that body responsibly while somebody still cares to sneak a peek.

Trust me. No matter what you do, most likely you’ll end up with road-map legs that can elicit GPS envy -- and a couple of bunions -- even if you never leave your armchair.

And while you’re at it, wear that itsy bitsy teeny-weeny polka dot bikini.

I wish I still could, but my family has asked me not to.

Yes, there are boundaries that naturally impose themselves as the years roll by, but I hope I’m not placing limits on myself because of a number.

From time to time I see there are local folks who have never learned to count. And they’re an inspiration.

One is my longtime acquaintance Victor Rogers. He started participating in the Spokane Bloomsday race at age 90. Each year since then, he has crossed the finish line -- the latest at age 97!

He’s not acting his age and that seems like a good thing.

So when I realized there was an “Over Fifty” ice skating session, I decided to give it a try, hoping to bring along a friend or two.

“Nope!” said one gal when I’d asked her to join me on the rink. “At our age, you could break a leg or land on your head.”

Honestly, I was more worried about admitting my age.

Besides, I already knew I could injure my pride just by falling into people’s step-down living rooms. Could ice skating really be that much worse?

Well, we will soon see.

I haven’t grown up yet.