Light Notes

Keep that Christmas spirit throughout the year

The stockings are hung by the chimney -- who cares? I just hope that my Christmas cards soon will be there.

It’s 2009 and the stockings are gathering dust on the fireplace mantle while the spiders happily spin their webs in our Christmas tree, anticipating our keeping the decorations up until the final “Christmas” letter goes out.

And I in my PJ’s night after night, scribble out sentiments to everyone’s delight.

Yes, I know. It’s almost the middle of January and I’m still mailing. But I’ve finally realized that Christmas comes on the 25th of December every single time -- and I’ve added it to my appointment calendar.

Out on the table abides such a clutter. Just seeing the heap makes a sane woman mutter.

The dining room table is headquarters for the mound of greetings received, letters and cards to insert, and a stack of envelopes to send. Throughout the days of signing, addressing, and stuffing, we’ve grown attached to our TV trays.

But much to my wondering eyes it appears, one by one . . . cards soon disappear.

At last count there are only about 10 cards to finish.

On Lucy! Don’t falter! Now, lick and affix them! On Lucy! Now, bundle! The pile you’re blitzin’!

When the last Christmas card is sealed and delivered, down comes the holly, the tree, the ornaments and stockings. Life will return to normal.

The thought should make me whistle. Away the season will fly like the “down of a thistle.”

But I’m not ready to say, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.” The glow of the twinkling lights, the beauty of the holiday décor adds warmth I’ve grown to cherish.

Wouldn’t life be worth the living . . . wouldn’t dreams be coming true, if we kept the Christmas spirit, all the whole year through?

That sentiment by artist Susan Winget strikes a chord in my heart. I want to keep the “reason for the season” -- and what He brings to my life -- uppermost, long after the decorations are finally put away.

Still, for now, maybe I’ll hold on to one last card a bit longer.