Light Notes

Extremists try to steal our Christmas joy

Sometimes, mischief happens in our corner of the Earth.

Mailboxes get flattened, and newspapers disappear from your doorstep. But every so often, something big happens that ruffles a few feathers.

For example, there was the time when our neighbor’s huge blue concrete rooster got rustled from its perch. The weight of the misdeed caused the perpetrators to chicken out, leaving the sculpture behind.

I expect those pranks out in the country. It’s dark; windows are shuttered, and houses are more than a holler away.

However, I’m surprised when mischief happens right under our noses in one of the most visible and guarded parts of our state. It seems to me the Grinch has arrived at our state Capitol in an attempt to steal away the joy of Christmas.

First, it was the winter solstice sign that appeared in the rotunda next to the Christian nativity. The atheistic Freedom from Religion Foundation disparaged religion and proclaimed that God is a myth. This created a national outcry as folks set aside enjoyable Christmas activities and rushed to their phones and/or to Olympia to protest.

Next came the mischievous Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, hoping to target Santa Claus on the Capitol steps, most likely to the tune of their odious song. This isn’t the first time they’ve been up to their tricks -- most often at military funerals -- trying to steal away the focus from what’s center stage, and shining it on themselves.

Quite frankly, my feathers are ruffled over the far-left and the far-right who intentionally distract from what is traditional in our culture.

Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The secular part of society enjoys Santa Claus, and so do little children. Neither needs to be mocked.

The season surrounding both calls for joy. I rejoice that God sent the Savior to a manger in Bethlehem. This is the reason I celebrate.

Yet at the same time, my grandchildren light up with happiness at the thought that Santa will come down the chimney.

Their parents -- my daughters -- once raced to their stockings, too. However, they certainly know the Prince of Peace today.

It’s apparent to me that the Grinches are trying their best to stir controversy and steal Christmas.

And if evil can rob our hearts of joy and peace at this beautiful season, keeping our minds mulling over the negative, then it has accomplished its mischief.