Light Notes

Remember why God gave us CHRISTmas

Some folks are really into tradition when it comes to Christmas.

That’s why we look forward in anticipation each year when our friends, Jay and Sue, set off to bring their freshly cut tree home. We’re never sure if it will be a Colorado spruce or a Douglas fir, but we know it will always be different when it arrives at its final destination.

Traditionally, this happily married couple load their fragrant tree-of-choice on top of their car, and then merrily head to their neighborhood. Along the way, the smell of pine wafts through the open windows and holiday music fills the air.

That’s when their thoughts turn to other things: gift shopping, cookies to bake, presents to wrap, menus to plan, parties to attend; the list goes on and on. So by the time they head into the garage, they’ve forgotten something.

Something very important.


“Sue!” yells Jay, which you might expect from a practicing attorney. “You forgot to remind me about the tree.”

“That’s not the way to behave,” reprimands his wife in her school teacher voice. “It’s wrong to blame it on someone else -- AGAIN.”

With the top of the garage door splintered and the tree in shreds -- again -- you would think the day would fall apart.

Instead they laugh and say, “At least we have a good story to tell -- again!”

This couple who habitually has trouble remembering what is on top of their car, never has a problem remembering what’s deep in their hearts for each other -- or their Christmas spirit.

Without a doubt, it’s easy to get distracted during this time of year -- thinking about the decorated tree and the presents beneath. But as the anticipated day approaches, I hope to keep my thoughts focused above.

I want to remember again, and I hope the world will too, that it is God’s gift to us that is the reason for this season -- the tradition of CHRISTmas.