Light Notes

Divine intervention + prayer + microchip = purrfect reunion

Niles had a chip on his shoulder.

I thought that might be the case when he arrived on my doorstep -- hungry and homeless.

His story is one with intrigue.

He was raised in a posh neighborhood and adored by everyone. Known for his handsome appearance, his breeding was impeccable.

But somewhere along the way Niles made a poor decision -- one that took him many miles from those who loved him, and the creature comforts of home.

What brought him from the nice side of town to our neck of the woods? We’ll probably never know.

But as the tale goes, for almost four months Niles, the Rag Doll cat, hunted for food and slept under the stars. Coyotes howled, but in the darkness his street smarts paid off and he laid low.

Nevertheless, one evening last week, hunger -- or Divine intervention -- drove him to our private country road. I spotted Niles’ eyes reflecting in the headlights of our car.

“There’s a cat!" I said to my husband, Bill, as I pulled into the driveway. “Look how gorgeous it is!”

“Probably belongs to one of the neighbors,” Bill remarked as I stroked the friendly kitty’s fur.

Still, come morning, I found Niles curled in some leaves where he stayed throughout the day. If he could have talked, he’d have told me he was lost and could use a bite to eat.

By the time the sun set, I figured it was time to take action. I checked the newspaper’s Lost and Found.


“Billy, this cat has to be either abandoned or lost. If it’s abandoned, I want to keep it, but if someone is looking for it ...” my voice trailed as I remembered how I had felt when my tuxedo cat disappeared last spring.

Then a thought nudged me. Maybe this golden feline had an identification chip, too!

While the vet clinic employee scanned the cat’s neck, there was silence. Then the tool moved to its shoulder.

When the electronic beep sounded, it was like a hallelujah from the church pew!

And by night’s end, Bob and Dana Worthington had Niles back in their arms.

“I prayed every day that Niles would come back,” a thankful Dana told me.

Yes, Niles the cat may have a chip on his shoulder.

But I like to think that last week he had an angel there, too.