Light Notes

No need to masquerade around God

It’s a little bit scary.

At a time when my husband Bill and I should be facing reality -- WE’RE OLD -- we’re hoping to fool the rest of you.

“I’m going to need a ducktail wig for my costume if we’re going to pull off this 50’s look,” Bill said while searching for biceps under his rolled T-shirt sleeves.

I reflected on how much we’d just paid for his designer haircut while I flounced my poodle skirt and petticoat.

Maybe lace-trimmed bobby socks and saddle shoes would be a distraction from the cellulite and road-map legs underneath.

“Yes, and I’ll need a cute little scarf like Doris Day used to wear. Or was it Sandra Dee? For Pete’s sake, I can’t remember!” I sighed as I eyed the age-rings around my neck.

I couldn’t help but shake my pony tail in disbelief when I thought about how much time and effort we were putting into these costumes. At least at the Halloween party we’d been invited to, it would be dark and the masquerade might work.

We could be something that we’re not.

This once-a-year disguise is all in fun. But I’m so glad that God sees me -- and you -- on the inside every single day. Others may look at our outer appearance, but He looks at our heart.

Maybe that’s a scary thought at times -- none of us are perfect -- but don’t be afraid.

God loves us so very much. He invites us to come to Him -- just the way we are.

No masks required.