Light Notes

Beyond the doggie bag

A lot of people are saying things are going to the dogs these days.

If that’s the case, I’d like to go along. I could use some royal treatment.

For instance, at one pet-friendly hotel I read about recently, there are doggie robes with designer dog beds. Pet owners can even have a special turn down service with a treat -- on the dog’s bed, of course.

The last time Bill and I were away from home, the only thing the hotel offered to do was leave the light on. Maybe we should have brought the dog.

There’s one married couple we know who always travel with their pet. The big boxer sits in the front seat, and the wife sits in the back. It’s a nice arrangement. The dog doesn’t tell the guy how to drive, and his wife doesn’t drool on her husband’s neck.

It’s a study in what makes a marriage work.

Another married friend’s husband has been away hunting for weeks. She called the other day from the pharmacy where she was filling a prescription for Xanax. I understood.

“Oh no,” she confided. It’s not for me. The pills are for the dog. It’s been diagnosed with separation anxiety.”

From what my friend told me, I think she plans to borrow the medication when her husband sees the vet bill.

It is surprising how folks pamper their pets these days -- doggie day care, doggie spas and doggie gourmet bakeries. Even doggie coats, trendy dresses and jeweled collars fill doggie closets.

Really, whatever happened to an old fashioned dog? One that fetches a ball and is named Spot, Rover or Blackie.

Nowadays pets have fashionable names such as Ashton, Zelda and Jasmine. There’s even a Chihuahua I know named Lucy, and it’s treated like a princess.

Hmmm . . . a princess?

Maybe I’ll slip in to see the vet. My back has been bothering me. And I could use a scrumptious treat, too.