Light Notes

Grandpa Bill deals with 'sneaky snake'

Boys and girls take warning, if you go near the lake. Keep your eyes wide open and look for Sneaky Snake ...

News flash: Sneaky Snake has been sighted on my front porch!

Now maybe you won’t see him and maybe you won’t hear, but he’ll sneak up behind you and drink all your root beer . . .

Just when we thought Sneaky Snake from Tom T. Hall’s child-oriented song was out drinking root beer at someone else’s house, he showed up at ours. But the only tune I was singing was at an octave only the dogs could appreciate.

“Hailey! Hunter! I squeaked, “You and your friends stand back. Grandma Lucy can handle this."

I dialed Bill’s cell phone.

Well, Sneaky Snake drinks root beer and he just makes me sick, when he is not dancin’ he looks just like a stick . . .

“But Grandma,” Hailey said as she edged closer. "It’s not alive. I already jumped over it!”

What was it with these 5-year old twins? While their grandma was hanging from the porch light, they were into forensics.

“Kids, the snake looks like it went to heaven, but it’s trying to fool you,” I warned as I eyed the stiff creature. “Just wait for Grandpa Bill.”

Where on Earth was he!

“This had better be good. The score is tied and the bases are loaded,” Bill moaned as he appeared on the scene.

But within minutes he had scored a home run with the young group as he pointed out that this snake was a bull snake and not too crazy about root beer -- or hurting them.

Now he doesn’t have any arms or legs, you cannot see his ears, and while we are not lookin’ he’s stealing our root beer ...

With a swift scoop of his hands, Grandpa had Sneaky Snake in his control and on its way out into the desert where it belonged. There’d be no hanging out at our front door or even in the garden.

And then Sneaky Snake goes dancin’, a-wigglin’ and a-hissin’. . . gigglin’ and a-kissin’ . . . .

Too bad when the original sneaky snake was in the Garden of Eden a-wigglin’, a-gigglin’, a-kissin’ and out to do real harm, Eve didn’t have the presence of mind to call UP for assistance.

News flash: We still can.