Light Notes

Live your life in a 'no-spin zone'

It must have been the cobwebs in my mind.

What else could have caused the spin?

It happened Saturday after we went canoeing.

It had been a perfect day. Smooth mirror-like water on the river. An occasional fish jumping into the sunshine. Birds flying overhead joined critters floating on gossamer silk threads, all headed to new territory.

Our canoe was the vortex of peace... until my blood-curdling scream pierced the air.

“There’s a spider!!!! In the bow!! It’s crawling on my daypack!!!! Eeek! It’s running toward me!!!!

“Calm down!” Bill yelled from the back of the boat. “You’re going to tip us over!”

With my feet wrapped around my ears, I couldn’t imagine why he had come to that conclusion.

Then, before I could say “abandon ship,” another canoeist raced alongside, scooped-up the offending arachnid and made nearby fishes smile.

Later that evening, we gathered with canoeing buddies around our Dutch ovens. Reminiscing about the trip on the Yakima River rose above the baking cornbread, steaming stew and chocolate-cherry dessert.

“Whooee! Wasn’t that something when we threw that spider overboard today?” I said as I breathed in the aroma of our soon-to-be meal.

“WE?" came a chuckle from the circle of friends. “WE?”

The words caught me by surprise.

The truth was she had been the rescuer. I had been the screamer. It was an oversight on my part and only right to get the story straight. The moment was all in fun, and we got a laugh or two.

But lately I’m not laughing much about serious issues where politicians or corporate leaders may be “stretching the truth.” From what I’ve recently read, there are times when their statements seem to be a web of white lies -- half-truths -- and sometimes downright fibbing. In fact, when they -- no matter what side of the aisle they sit or what company they direct -- appear to tiptoe around honesty with woven fabrications, it makes me want to scream.

Unfortunately, I can’t jump overboard -- and neither can you. But we can do something. And what I’m about to suggest probably won’t rock the boat as innovative and new. Nevertheless, as I recall, one of the Ten Commandments tells us not to lie.

Sounds to me like we should all be living our lives in a “no-spin zone.”