Light Notes

Don't forget to bless your cook

We have two outside dogs at our house. So when I sat down to our breakfast table the other morning, I wondered if they might be joining us.

“Looks kind of like dog food, doesn’t it?” my husband, Bill, said as he gazed at our plates.

Boy! Was I glad he said it and not me.

“It came out of a can and I threw in some eggs and salsa,” he continued. "Maybe it’ll taste better than it looks.”

I made a mental note to check where we’d stored the Purina.

“Well,” I stammered, “I’m sure it’s going to taste . . . um . . . like something . . . um . . . out of sight,” I reassured Bill, wishing it were out of mine.

He took the first bite.

I kept my mouth closed.

Trained early-on in our marriage, I knew what side my toast was buttered on. The last thing I wanted to do was whine and then discourage his new habit of making breakfast -- even if it tasted like puppy chow. No matter what, I’d “woof” it down.

“Hey, this is pretty good!” he exclaimed.

(I was sure I heard a disappointed whimper coming from the dog house.)

So with the verdict in, I lapped it up. What a treat!

And even though the presentation wasn’t the best, the corned beef hash and mixed-in eggs really hit the spot. But better than that, it was his kindness that was dead-center on my heart.

Freeing me up to do what I do best -- besides putting on make-up in the morning -- lets me know he’s “got my back.” With his help, I can concentrate on writing and TV producing.

Sometimes in marriage it’s easy to see the things that aren’t perfect and overlook the love that keeps life from going to the dogs: dedication to go to work each day; perseverance to keep the home in order; commitment to others’ schedules and activities; and enthusiasm for tasks that seem mundane.

Every single day, I think it’s a good idea to be appreciative for all our partner brings to the table. That’s why, when I give thanks before the breakfast meal, I always ask God to bless the cook.

I usually include a kiss, too.