Light Notes

Special language makes Him easy to follow

I love communication -- talk that embraces more than simple words; a conversation that includes multi-layers of depth and connotation.

At our house, my husband, Bill, and I have mastered this special language. It happened again the other day when we were headed out the door for a trip to Costco.

“You’re going to wear that?” I said in amazement, all the while eyeing his tucked-in, frayed-at-the-neck tee-shirt, brown belt, white socks and black shoes.

(This is code for, “I am not leaving the house with you.”)

He immediately returned to the closet.

I finally coaxed him out after reminding him of all the snacks waiting for us in the grocery aisles.But these short -- I know what you really mean -- dialogues aren’t only one-sided. Bill just has a more picturesque way of sharing his feelings. Like the time I got my hair cut short -- really short -- in a smooth bob.

“So, what do you think? I asked as I bounced into the living room with my new style.

Bill glanced up from the TV, paused for a moment, and then affirmed my suspicions, “You look kind of like a cantaloupe head.”

(This is code for, “I’m not leaving the house with you either.”)

When the wailing died down, he was kind enough to say that he loves cantaloupes.

After many years together we understand nuances, undertones and suggestions. It actually saves a lot of time and lengthy explanations -- unless, of course, you compare a cantaloupe to a new hairstyle.

When I taught Communication Behavior classes to college students, one of the lectures was on conversation and the level of understanding between the person speaking and the receiver of the message. It discussed how good friends can close each other’s sentence because the dialogue is based on past experience and knowledge of that person.

That’s why I can say, “The color on this bedroom wall is ... “ and Bill can interject, “What brand of paint should we buy?”

It’s all about knowing the other person well.

That brings up a spiritual point about how intimately God knows you and me. I realize more than ever why, when Jesus called me to a new walk with Him, He merely said, “Follow Me.”

No explanation needed when it comes to His Love.