Light Notes

Inspiration comes from cycling, praying

I’m looking for inspiration to exercise. Heaven only knows I need help.

Actually, the other day I found the motivation -- other than a glimpse in the steamy bathroom mirror -- to get on my bicycle and start pedaling.

It was early morning. The air was crisp and clean. And spiders were sleeping peacefully entwined in the gears of my bike. Their rude awakening to the sight of me in Spandex had them scurrying.

Off I went, webs flying, accompanied by the chorus of stray dogs barking their encouragement to ride faster.

As the miles passed, I focused on the ultimate goal of arriving at the destination. My thighs burned -- “out darn cellulite!” -- and muscles screamed for relief.

Oh! What I’d have paid for a gel seat at that moment.

Finally, with my end in sight, husband Bill pedaled past me. We’d achieved our goal! The early bird $4.99 breakfast special was still on!

“You know,” my husband said as we sat with our cup of joe, pancakes, bacon and fried eggs, “at this rate, if you bicycle every day, it will cost us $300 a month and you’ll be about 19,000 calories in arrears.”

I guess when they say to “carb up,” they’re talking more like a Lance Armstrong-type ride.

Now, there’s an inspirational guy! Not only did he win the Tour de France multiple times, but he also believes in miracles -- something I’m hoping for when it comes to my love handles.

But even though I believe Lance is a great example of determination, I think I’ve found a role model right here in town.

Carol Henefin -- who was my guest on In Steppe -- has lost more than 200 pounds by riding her bicycle. She says she rides from 20 to 50 miles a day. And I’ll bet she doesn’t stop for breakfast.

She says it was her fear of the needles that can accompany diabetes that motivated her to opt for a determined exercise program. My incentive is having to reveal my weight gain when I renew my driver’s license in February.

But my inspiration is Carol.

I’m not quite sure what her secret is to sticking with her bicycling -- stationary and on the streets -- but I know what mine is going to be.

Each night before drifting off to sleep, I plan to utter a short prayer: Heaven help me. Like Lance, I believe in miracles.